Featured case study

Machine vision used to quality check engine build

A machine vision installation utilises multiple vision system cameras for the inspection of an engine build during manufacture.

Machine vision automatically checks manufacture of medical devices

Machine vision provides 100% inspection of medical devices. Vision systems used in production line for quality control and automated reject.

Factory automation combines with vision system inspection within the automotive industry

Machine vision provides end of line inspection “goalkeeper”. Quality control can be maintained and improved through the use of vision systems.

Machine vision helps traceability with pharameutical industry

Machine vision is used to improve quality, increase traceability and reduce downtime within the pharmaceutical industry.

Machine vision linescan automated inspection system

Machine vision linescan cameras are used to quality check complex engineered products for the clutch industry.

Vision system automatically quality inspects automotive connectors

Vision system automatically quality inspects connectors for bent pins. Machine vision used to stop physical check needed in the past.

Smart vision cameras check printed circuit boards for failure

Smart vision cameras check printed circuit boards for failure. Automated optical inspection provides full quality check to the electronics industry.

Automated inspection of syringe needle tips

High speed vision inspection checks needle tip quality at high throughput. Improves quality and yield using machine vision.

Multi camera vision system inspection of medical parts

Automated vision inspection of medical sub-assemblies. Unique prism system used to inspect product in 360 degrees with two digital machine vision cameras.

Machine vision quality control of large automotive sub-assemblies

Machine vision technology used with precision LED lighting and optics to confirm automotive interiors are manufactured to the correct quality level.

Automated sorting and detection using character recognition

Machine vision optical character recognition and colour analysis are used for the quality sorting of small plastic parts used in shops.

Smart vision systems check injection moulded parts

Smart vision systems check injection moulded products. Shorts and flash failures are eliminated using machine vision.

Optical character recognition using machine vision

Machine vision optical character recognition is used to identify vehicle numbers during automotive manufacturing.

Vision system checks surface quality for defects

Machine vision is used to automatically inspect the surface quality of metal parts. Smart vision system lighting provides high quality inspection.

Vision systems check for leaks in beverage industry

Automated machine vision identifies leaks within barrels as part of a quality inspection check in the beverage industry.

Quality checks on poor surface using machine vision

Digital cameras are dynamically controlled via machine vision control to confirm surface quality of products.

Machine vision developments with graphical user interfaces

Vision systems are developing to provide more appealing user interfaces and ease use on the production line.